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June 11
Episode 1 - The News from Warrendale (12:41)

Mary and her father Matt visit Mary's mother Jill in the hospital on the eve of a new experimental treatment that will require Jill to go into isolation for several days -- or even weeks.  

June 12
Episode 2 - A Call from Chicago (11:22)

Why has Mary's troubled sister Julia escaped from Warrendale -- and who is Arthur Mendez?

June 13
Episode 3 - Advice from Professor Banks (12:17)

Mary visits her beloved professor to ask advice about her future.  But is Mary's troubled twin sister Julia far behind?

June 14
Episode 4 - Mary Takes the Train (13:05)

Who's that lurking in the yard?  And when Mary takes the train to Chicago, what mysterious stranger does she encounter?

June 15
Episode 5 - Interview with Arthur Mendez (14:08)

How will Mary react to the despicable David Price? And what's happening back home while she's away?


June 18
Episode 6 - A Bad Night for Scott Dascombe (11:14)

Why have the police gathered around Mary's house?  And who did Mary's father see hiding in the dark?



June 20
Episode 8 - Two Calls to Warrendale (11:46)

What secret is Mary's troubled twin sister hiding?  The mystery widens.

June 19
Episode 7 - Dr. Farrhi's Mysterious Visitor (13:14)

Dr. Farrhi shares her surprising news.

June 21
Episode 9 - Mrs. Marshall Awakens (12:12)

What terrible secret did Julia share?  And why did she nearly kill her nurse to keep it hidden? 

June 22
Episode 10 - Arthur Mendez Wants a Favor (13:22)

What plan is Arthur Mendez hatching, and what role does Mary play in it?

June 25
Episode 11 - Mary Asks for Help (14:21)

Mary investigates her sister's mysterious escape from Warrendale. 

June 26
Episode 12 - The Airless Room (13:20)

Mary and John seek out the mysterious tapestry -- but at what risk?

June 27
Episode 13 - The Mummy's Toe (10:30)

John and Mary are trapped in the airless chamber... how will they escape?

June 28
Episode 14 - The Gouverny Pattern (12:40)

What is the Gouverny Pattern, and what did Julia want at the museum? Mary and her friends seek answers.

June 29
Episode 15 - The Garden Hall (12:15)

Mary and her friends arrive at Warrendale, seeking answers.

July 2
Episode 16 - Bedroom in the Sky (13:49)

What is Dr. Robert Blank hiding?  And why has Nurse Fontaine disappeared?

July 3
Episode 17 - Mystery on Jarvis Road (11:22)

Mary and her friends track down Ella Fontaine – and make a shocking discovery.

July 4
Episode 18 - The Painted Sky (10:35)

What's painted on Ella's ceiling -- and who's that coming up the road?

July 5
Episode 19 - The Burning World (7:19)

How far will Gillian Fox go to destroy the evidence in Ella's trailer?

July 6
Episode 20 - Return to Warrendale (10:42)

Mary locates Dr. Robert Blank and uncovers a crucial clue. 

July 9
Episode 21 - The Storage Unit (11:23)

A tragic discovery in Ella's storage unit produces a new lead.

July 10
Episode 22 - Danger in Indian Village (12:21)

A journey to Detroit's Indian Village reveals startling information.

July 11
Episode 23 - A Story Hinted At (8:39)

Mr. Barker unspools a strange history of intrigue. 

July 12
Episode 24 - The Barefoot Legionnaire (8:54)

Events at Mr. Barker's house take a decisive turn.

July 13
Episode 25 - The Thing in the Garden (11:18)

Chapter One concludes.  New episodes coming this fall!

October 22
Episode 26 - Life Goes On (12:16)

Mary returns. Someone has died, the mystery persists, and Mary is in danger. Who will she turn to?

October 23
Episode 27 - The Girl on the Roof (10:07)

Mary enlists Angela’s help at Mr. Barker’s house. John has terrible news.

October 24
Episode 28 - Who is Francine? (10:44)

Scott is missing, and Angela thinks she knows what the strange mannequin is.

October 25
Episode 29 - The Voice of the Dead (12:46)

A new discovery means Mary and her friends must return to the deadly nitrogen chamber.

October 26
Episode 30 - The Message on the Skull (14:41)

A shocking discovery sheds new light on Francine. Mary and her friends confront David Price.