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Mary from Michigan Saves the World


We're proud to announce that Mary has been selected by HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival -- in the Gold Division.  Thanks to the good folks at the National Audio Theatre Festivals for the nod.  An honor to be included among such distinguished company!



June 11
Episode 1 - The News from Warrendale (12:41)

Mary and her father Matt Marshall visit Mary's mother Jill Marshall in the hospital on the eve of a new experimental treatment that will require Jill to go into isolation for several days -- or even weeks.  Mary's friend Scott Dascombe drives her home from the hospital; on the way, Mary's father calls with the news that Mary's twin sister Julia has escaped from her psych facility and is on her way home to take care of "unfinished business."

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June 12
Episode 2 - A Call from Chicago (11:22)

Why has Mary's troubled sister Julia escaped from Warrendale -- and who is Arthur Mendez?


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June 13
Episode 3 - Advice from Professor Banks (12:17)

Mary visits her beloved professor to ask advice about her future.  But is Mary's troubled twin sister Julia far behind?



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June 14
Episode 4 - Mary Takes the Train (13:05)

Who's that lurking in the yard?  And when Mary takes the train to Chicago, what mysterious stranger does she encounter?





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June 15
Episode 5 - Interview with Arthur Mendez (14:08)

How will Mary react to the despicable David Price? And what's happening back home while she's away?


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June 18
Episode 6 - A Bad Night for Scott Dascombe (11:14)

Why have the police gathered around Mary's house?  And who did Mary's father see hiding in the dark?



June 20
Episode 8 - Two Calls to Warrendale (11:46)

What secret is Mary's troubled twin sister hiding?  The mystery widens.

June 19
Episode 7 - Dr. Farrhi's Mysterious Visitor (13:14)

Dr. Farrhi shares her surprising news.

June 21
Episode 9 - Mrs. Marshall Awakens (12:12)

What terrible secret did Julia share?  And why did she nearly kill her nurse to keep it hidden? 


June 22
Episode 10 - Arthur Mendez Wants a Favor (13:22)

What plan is Arthur Mendez hatching, and what role does Mary play in it?